8 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Painting


With the autumn season approaching, now is the perfect time to do a few projects around the house and get your space looking great before the rush of the holidays. One of the best ways to take a room from dinghy or dated to fresh and bright is through paint!

When sellers ask how to boost their home’s value, painting is one of the first suggestions offered. That’s because the way a room looks and feels is entirely dependent on the color of the walls and ceiling. Now that you know why painting is such a great fall home project, you’ll want these 8 painting tips to make the painting process as easy as possible.

7 Tips to Prepare to Your Home for Painting

  • Safeguard belongings: Take all of the easily moveable things out of the space with a focus on anything breakable or fabric. While no one wants an accident to happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Fill holes:  Look over your walls and find any holes from hangings that need to be filled. For small holes, spackle or drywall compound will do the trick.
  • Repair cracks:  Check out your walls and ceiling for any cracks and patch them up. If you find any large cracks, it’s a good idea to get an inspector to check them out.
  • Add caulk:  Next, take a look at anywhere caulk is applied (baseboards, windows, door frames) and caulk anywhere there’s a gap.
  • Clean and prime:  Don’t skip this step! Cleaning and priming your walls will make the actual painting part go so much faster and you’ll use less of your paint–saving money in the long run.
  • Tape it all up:  Once your walls are dry and ready to go, tape it up and drape tarps/drop cloths over any large pieces of furniture.
  • Gather your supplies:  You’re nearly ready to paint. Make sure to gather all your supplies into the room to make everything easily accessible.

Start Painting!

These tips will help you make your space look like it was painted by a professional without the expense.  With just a gallon of paint or two and a little time, you can refresh your home and make it the space to be as the weather gets colder, or prepare it to be sold on the market!  Contact us below for more tips or for a consultation! 

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